I was making some Chinese New Year cards and needed a stamp for the Chinese character for rabbit. I remembered I had picked up some Cricut Cuttables Stamp Sheets on sale at Michaels a while back & thought this would be the perfect time to try them out.  They come in a 2 pack of 6×6 sheets in a vinyl storage envelope. They recommend cutting with a deep cut blade on these settings – blade depth: 4.5, speed: 3, pressure: 4. I’m sure you could cut them with a regular blade on a blade depth of 6 though.

I used a new cricut mat to make sure the stamp material was secured firmly in place. The sheets are quite thin and I could see them slipping around easily if your mat is old or isn’t very sticky. I used SCAL and set up the character to cut at about 1 each in height. I was actually surprised that it cut the little details as well as it did. Here is a pic of the stamp on the block and stamped on paper in black ink.

You have to make sure when you’re inking not to get random ink all over the block (the stamp sheets really are that thin!). If you do wipe it off or make sure you don’t rock the block when you’re stamping or you’ll get ink all over your paper. It turned out better than I expected and came in really handy considering I had no clue where I was going to find a pre-made stamp on short notice. I wouldn’t recommend getting the set that comes with the blocks since it only comes with 1 stamp sheet (unless you don’t already have any blocks).

The finished card: