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I bought a few new Cricut cartridges that I haven’t had a chance to use out yet so I thought I’d try out Four Legged Friends and make an Easter card. There are some really cute animal cuts on this cart.

I also tried out my print Gocco for the first time! It was pretty easy to burn a screen. I drew a couple of lambs using the Riso carbon pen and got it on my first try. I did try Speedball block printing ink first and it didn’t come out very well. I may try it again in the future, but I’ll stick with the Gocco inks until they run out.


I picked up the Sweethearts Cricut cartridge at Michael’s the other day for $15! I also grabbed Paisley, From My Kitchen and Pooh Font Set for the same price. What a great deal. I really wanted Wild Cards as well, but it was already sold out.

I made a simple card and some Valentine’s Day tags from the Sweethearts cartridge.

I thought I’d try out some more heat press vinyl. Today I made a Domo kun t-shirt and a Hello Kitty Mouse Pad. The vinyl was cut out on my Cricut Expression using the Hello Kitty Greetings cartridge (my favourite!) and SCAL.

I’m still waiting for my replacement Gypsy to come…

Weeded vinyl ready for pressing

Finished shirt

Hello Kitty mouse pad

I got my Ryonet 4 color 1 station Silver Press set up yesterday. I’m pretty pressed for space, but managed to cram it into the spare room that I use as an office and craft area.

After 1 unsuccessful try, I got my screen burned & ready to go. I used our Japanese family crest as a design and printed up 6 shirts for myself and some family members. I used Matsui 301RC White Opaque water based ink. It was a little thick and slightly difficult to work with for a newbie like me. I kept a spray bottle handy though and didn’t have too many problems with clogging in the screen. My first shirt was a total write off, but the others came out okay. I got a little better by the last shirt.

I also bought a heat press recently. I figured I could use it to cure the ink since I don’t have the space for a proper dryer. I got a Seiki 12 x 15 swing press from Sunie. It seemed to work okay. The temperature was off by about 10 – 15 degrees, but I have a IR thermometer and adjusted accordingly.

Since I bought the heat press, I thought I’d try out some t-shirt vinyl as well. I ordered a couple of rolls of “Ultra” MultiCut vinyl from Joto Canada. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’m happy to say that I’m pleasantly surprised! I cut the vinyl using my Cricut and SCAL. The vinyl is very thin and pretty easy to weed. It peeled fairly easily as well (you need to warm peel this vinyl). I also bought some red flock and was happy with that too. Big thumbs up to Joto. I think I’ll be buying some more colours soon.

I was super excited to get my new Gypsy in the mail today. I took it out of the box and tried to register it, but it was dead! The blue power light came on but nothing on the screen. I called PC and they have to replace it. How disappointing! 😦 They assure me that I will get the new one in time to register it for the 5 free cartridges available before December 31st. How sad…

This is by far my favourite cartridge!

My real kitty was not to impressed that I was spending time doing crafts and not supplying her with a lap to lay on.

I finally got my Hello Kitty Greetings cartridge! It’s so cute. Unfortunately, I’ve already made all my Christmas cards. If I had received this earlier, everyone would have Hello Kitty on their cards.

Anyways, I had to try it so I made 1 card for my niece. (Front and inside.)

The cartridge also has silhouettes of Hello Kitty so I can’t wait to cut some out of vinyl. I’ll probably stick them on my dirt bike to cute it up a little!