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Kawaii Fabric Mirrors and Buttons

I decided to make some mirrors and pinback buttons out of the material I got in Hawaii. They turned out pretty cute.


Gocco Arrives!

While I was on vacation, my Riso Print Gocco arrived. Even though they’ve been discontinued for some time now and supplies are hard to come by, I’ve wanted a Gocco for a long time. I won this on eBay and it came with enough supplies to at least try it out. I haven’t tried burning a screen yet since I only have a few and want to make sure I have a good design first. I also ordered some GE #5 flashbulbs which I’ve heard work in place of the Riso bulbs.

Can’t wait to try it out…

Super Kawaii Japanese Fabric

We just got back from vacation in Hawaii. While we were there, I found this little fabric store called H.Kimura Fabric in Kona. I picked up the cutest Japanese fabrics! I can’t wait to make something out of this.

Fabric Pinback Buttons and Mirrors

I’ve been pretty busy trying to get a few things made for my newly opened Etsy shop before I go on holidays. I decided to dust off my Tecra button making machines and get busy! They recommend that you have your machine specially fitted for fabric, but I found it pretty easy with my standard machines. I think I only had 2 unusable buttons out of the lot.

If you use mylar, it pretty much the same as pressing with paper. In doing that however,  you lose the appealing texture of the raw fabric on the button. Some tricks to press without mylar are to use thicker fabric, double up on thinner fabric or use a piece of paper as a backing. I ironed on some freezer paper to the back of my fabric before I cut it, then punched the buttons with the freezer paper still attached. Worked like a charm!

Now available at my Etsy shop.

Meatatarian or Vegetarian Cotton Tote Bag

What’s your choice? Tell the world with this reusable shopping bag.

Available now at my Etsy store.

Congratulation’s card – Sweethearts Cartridge

I picked up the Sweethearts Cricut cartridge at Michael’s the other day for $15! I also grabbed Paisley, From My Kitchen and Pooh Font Set for the same price. What a great deal. I really wanted Wild Cards as well, but it was already sold out.

I made a simple card and some Valentine’s Day tags from the Sweethearts cartridge.

Valentine’s Day Tags

Now available in my Etsy store.