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I bought a few new Cricut cartridges that I haven’t had a chance to use out yet so I thought I’d try out Four Legged Friends and make an Easter card. There are some really cute animal cuts on this cart.

I also tried out my print Gocco for the first time! It was pretty easy to burn a screen. I drew a couple of lambs using the Riso carbon pen and got it on my first try. I did try Speedball block printing ink first and it didn’t come out very well. I may try it again in the future, but I’ll stick with the Gocco inks until they run out.


While I was on vacation, my Riso Print Gocco arrived. Even though they’ve been discontinued for some time now and supplies are hard to come by, I’ve wanted a Gocco for a long time. I won this on eBay and it came with enough supplies to at least try it out. I haven’t tried burning a screen yet since I only have a few and want to make sure I have a good design first. I also ordered some GE #5 flashbulbs which I’ve heard work in place of the Riso bulbs.

Can’t wait to try it out…