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I got an order for 35 octopus tote bags this week. That may not seem like a lot, but it was a big deal for me! I’m still having some problems doing multiple color prints on my Ryonet Silver Press though. It seems like I can’t keep the screens in registration. One arm in particular seems to give me real troubles. It’s been great for single colors though, and I hope to try some 2 or 3 color prints soon to see how they turn out. All in all, the Silver Press was not bad for the money. It fits nicely in my craft room where there isn’t an inch to spare.

I’ve bought only water based inks to print with. I’m determined to master them! I’ve got Permaset and Matsui inks. I’ve only tried the Matsui so far. It is very nice to print with. It leaves no hand and I haven’t had any problems with it drying in the screen yet.

I’ve had to cure these bags with a heat gun since the heat press seems to scorch them. So far, so good. It is pretty time consuming though. I’ve cured the Matsui inks on t-shirts with the heat press and they seem to be standing up fine to multiple washes. I can’t afford a dryer so using my heat press for double duty is sure coming in handy.